Our unique technology brings modern thinking to managing investments.

We believe investing and technology go hand-in-hand. That’s why we’re one of the only investment management firms with an in house development team. We design, build and service all of our investment technology.


It’s your money so we think you should be the first to know how it’s performing. That’s why you can track Portfolio valuations 24/7. You can view your account from anywhere in the world online or through our market-leading apps.

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TOP UP 24/7

Adding to your Portfolio is one of the most important parts of investing and one that we feel many providers don’t address. That’s why we built impulseSave®, the world-first investment top-up technology.

Unique to True Potential, impulseSave® enables you to add to your Portfolio at any time, from just £1.impulseSave-Graphic


Since launch, we’ve seen over £40m invested through impulseSave®, proving that
topping up small amounts on impulse really does make a difference.

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